сряда, 27 юни 2012 г.

My football mascots for FC Mynior - Pernik

 My football mascots for FC Mynior - Pernik, Bulgaria. They wanted to have maskot and gave me this task...These are some of the proposals...Some of the maskots look like iron "bracket" or like hammer, because they call themselves "The Hammers" or "Brackets"...

понеделник, 25 юни 2012 г.

Fairy Fruits

Fruits are so special thing! So round and perfect!

Fairy Heroes

Hand made Dolls made by me. I did them from very small pieces of fabric. The fabric was with beautiful flowers which inspired me to create the dolls. Teh size of every each doll is between 10 and 15cm...They are my Fairy heroes.

понеделник, 18 юни 2012 г.